American Internet Experience Design & Webmaster Practice

 ⎯⊹ Andrew Alimbuyuguen, Elijah Seed Arita, Jimmy Lee, Anastasiya Uraleva, Xiangan He, Anastasiia "Sia" Krimmel, and Friends

The Internet Development Studio Company ("INTDEV") of Seattle, WA is home to a group of American internet designers and webmasters building for the international internet community. Our team specializes in design, branding, marketing, and coding. We are dedicated to helping you develop, launch, and manage your projects.

By partnering with INTDEV, you can avoid the process of recruiting an in-house design or development team from scratch. We offer the flexibility to work on projects on a case-by-case basis or embed with you, your team, or your company. Our work history includes venture-backed startups from incubators like Mana Industries, Y-Combinator, and Protocol Labs, as well as companies like Google.

So what do we actually do? (See example work and prototypes)

We join your team
Attend standup, meetings, and gatherings
Do as much work as we can (a lot)
Comply with your rules and confidentiality agreements
Teach you what we know
Setup your computer
Setup git and command line tools
Setup your development environment and software
Help you deploy your first website
Be available 24/7
We make your websites
Make all the web pages
Make all the templates
Go from zero to a new TypeScript front-end implementation
Our default tools ➝ NextJS + SASS + Postgres
Our additional accoutrements ➝ AngularJS, Vue, Svelte
We design you beautiful interfaces
Go from zero to as many Figma revisions or pages you need
We will never get mad if you say "just make it pretty"
Our additional accoutrements ➝ Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
We architect your design systems
Go from zero to a new design system in Figma
We work on our own
Our friends make them all the time
We researched
We researched
We worked with Google Material 3 in production
Go from zero to a new component library in TypeScript
Pick your favorite JS rendering library or framework
Pick your favorite CSS-in-JS or standalone CSS dialect
We help you use your brand
Prepare social media templates
Manage social media accounts
Design slides and visualize data
We know you might pitch to VCs
Implement brand guidelines in code
We draw you illustrations
Design custom characters
They are cute and you can keep the IP
Prepare marketing spots
We make you a logo
Design an unique logo
We researched
We own that logo modernism book by TASCHEN
We own that logo beginnings book by TASCHEN
We own that soviet logos book
We build all web applications for you
Implement a custom content management system
Implement a marketing page
Implement a new documentation site
We will go in and learn your technology and write everything
Implement custom versions of our existing products
Go from zero to new product
We make new products all the time
We specialize in WYSIWYG editors using SlateJS
We build your API services
Handle authentication
Implement an API server for your business function
Our default tools ➝ NodeJS + Postgres
Our additional accoutrements ➝ Rust implementation, Go implementation
We maintain your deployments
Deploy services that support up to millions of monthly actives
Scale horizontally
Use GCE, AWS, Vercel or Render, you decide
Manage DNS
We project manage
Finish on time
Manage issue tracking
Provoke discussion
Produce hand off documentation
Make accurate estimations

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